Fostering Manufacturing Innovation

The California Network for Manufacturing Innovation (CNMI) was founded as a state-wide collaborative organization to support and foster the manufacturing technology sector. The CNMI acts as a state-wide collaborative of National Research Laboratories, MEP’s, academic institutions, economic development organizations, manufacturers and equipment suppliers to support and foster California advanced manufacturing.

Reason for Action

California and the United States are experiencing a renewed focus on manufacturing activities, which have led to a set of unique opportunities. To capitalize on these opportunities, the CNMI consortium has identified the following key activities:

  • Attract and enable delivery of manufacturing innovation in California
  • Provide value to California manufacturers from Technology Developers to SMEs to Fortune 100 companies
  • Reduce risks to companies in adopting new innovations in manufacturing
  • Communicate and advocate the value of manufacturing innovation and manufacturers in California


Strategic Goals

  • Improve the transfer of technology to California manufacturers
  • Engage other collaboratives to improve funding and resources directed at manufacturing innovation
  • Develop industry partners to enhance workforce skills
  • Combine research and development efforts of collaborators
  • Conduct advocacy to enhance manufacturing environment in California