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Welcome to CNMI

In March 2013, the California Network for Manufacturing Innovation™, Inc. (CNMI) was formally established as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of promoting manufacturing competitiveness in California through a collaboration of industry, national laboratories, technical assistance, government agencies, academia, workforce and economic development organizations.  CNMI is designed to create a unified voice and plan to create programs and physical centers for California’s small and medium-sized manufacturers to have access and use advanced manufacturing technology to help them grow and compete in the global marketplace.

Mission of CNMI

CNMI provides leadership in California to foster innovation that will enhance the global competitiveness of the manufacturing sector.

Principles of Collaboration

  • Designed as a statewide program
  • Focused on Small and Medium-sized manufacturers
  • Built to be an inclusive organization
  • Led by working groups concentrating on industry, workforce, technology and communications/policy
  • Driven by transparency in communications

iHub - California Innovation Hub

iHub innovation manufacturing

May 8, 2015 -
CNMI Smart Manufacturing Conference  
at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

Watch It Here


Watch the 2014 Forum in its entirety below.

This unique one-day vendor show and forum brought together industry leaders, service providers and manufacturers to explore the latest advancements in Additive Manufacturing.

Watch It Here

The Importance of Manufacturing in California

Statewide Focus

  • 41,000 ManufacturersCalifornia Manufacturing Stats and Data

  • 1.3 Million Jobs (2011)

  • 10.6% - Manufacturing's Share of Gross State Product (2012)

  • $213.3 Billion - California Total Manufacturing Output (2012)

  • $140.2 Billion - Manufactured Goods Exports (2012)

(Sources: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis & Department of Commerce)